About Us

About Us

Meet Dr. Frank Manzanares, jr.

For more than 26 years now, Dr. Frank Manzanares, Jr., Founder and Medical Director of Manzanares Hair Restoration Center has been practicing surgical hair restoration; 16 years spent in the United States, most notably on the home of Hollywood celebrities, Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Frank Manzanares confidently performs both Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) in his Ortigas, Philippines clinic. A practice solely dedicated to Hair Restoration.

As a very hands-on doctor like himself, he does all consultations at his clinic personally. With patients coming from different parts of the world, he stresses the importance of establishing a solid doctor-patient relationship for a patient to get a satisfying result. Each step of the process, from the initial consultation, to the actual procedure(s), and follow-up care, is performed personally by Dr. Manzanares.

His dedication to improve lives through his chosen profession is one of the driving forces behind the growth and success of Manzanares Hair Restoration Center today and for the years to come.

Founder and Medical Director, Dr Frank Manzanares, Jr.
Founder and Medical Director, Dr Frank Manzanares, Jr.
Manzanares Hair Facility, Comfort Rooms
Manzanares Hair Facility, Examination Table 1
Manzanares Hair Facility, Front Desk
Manzanares Hair Facility, Office
Manzanares Hair Facility, Examination Table 2
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