Facial Hair Transplant

Facial Hair Transplant

For many, a head full of hair is their literal crowning glory. The same thing is true for facial hair in men. Having a thick, full beard is now not only a sign of maturity, but also an everyday accessory to enhance a man’s confidence and style. Yet with age, genetics, stress and other factors, hair loss and thinning occur.

At Manzanares Hair Restoration Center, we offer safe and effective facial hair transplant in the Philippines as the permanent solution to bald spots, patchy hair, male pattern baldness and more.

Manzanares Hair - Facial Hair Transplant Services

Our hair restoration center is trained to perform the following procedures:

  • Beard transplant, focusing on facial hair on the cheeks, jaw and neck
  • Mustache transplant, focusing on facial hair on the upper lip
  • Goatee transplant, focusing on facial hair on the chin
  • Sideburn transplant, focusing on facial hair on the sides of the face.

Facial hair transplant is both a cosmetic and medical procedure for people who want to restore the density and improve the appearance of facial hair. It may be recommended for those who:

  • have lost hair due to accidental injuries, burns and scars
  • have lost hair following cosmetic and medical procedures such as facelifts or chemotherapy

A hair transplant doctor can perform the procedure in two ways:

  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE) – Individual hair follicle strips are obtained and painstakingly implanted into the recipient site one by one.
  • Follicular unit transplant (FUT) – Recognized as the gold standard in hair transplant surgery, FUT, which is also known as strip harvesting, involves obtaining a strip of scalp from which grafts are harvested and transplanted to the recipient site.

Both FUE and FUT are performed under local anesthesia and mild sedation. Duration of the procedure depends on the type of facial hair transplant being performed and the number of follicles being implanted per desire of the patient.


Results of a facial hair transplant are permanent, and vary from patient to patient. As with all hair implant procedures, the newly implanted hairs will shed after two weeks, but will regrow within 3-4 months. Full results are noticeable after 12 months.

Facial Transplant Procedure After Result
Facial Transplant Procedure Before Result
Facial Transplant Procedure Before 02
Facial Transplant Procedure After 02

Similar to most Hair Transplant procedures, mild pain and swelling of the donor area (scalp) and the recipient area (face) are normal but should resolve within 3-5 days and they can be alleviated with pain medications. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs may also be prescribed to facilitate healing.

Most patients can go back to work 2-5 days after a facial hair transplant.

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  • Upload a photo with your hair dry showing your normal hairstyle Accentuate the thin or bald areas. (Front, Sides, back, and top)
  • Please ensure that your whole face is visible and your hair is combed back.
  • Use bright, natural room lighting. DO NOT use camera flash.
  • Shoot from a distance of 3-5 feet away