The Best Way to Regrow Your Eyebrows

Aside from its scientific purpose of protecting your eyes from droplets of sweat, eyebrows play a vital role in framing your face.

Cosmetic products and other semi-permanent procedures are the common ways to help fill in those thin and sparse eyebrow hairs. However, there’s a permanent solution to get your brows to become fuller and thicker: the eyebrow transplant.

What is an Eyebrow Transplant?

Much like hair transplant procedures, an eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic procedure that includes a hair transplant surgeon taking a graft of hairs (plugs) to transfer them to the brow area. The hair donors are usually taken from the back of your head.

Who Are Good Candidates for Eyebrow Transplant?

An eyebrow hair transplant in Manila is excellent for people who had lost brow hairs due to over-plucking or trauma. People who have naturally thin eyebrows can benefit too. Also, you may need an eyebrow transplant if you have:

  • a history of complications due to cosmetic procedures
  • scarring
  • burns to the eyebrow region

Can I Still Style My Eyebrows After a Transplant?

When the transplanted hairs have fully grown, you’re allowed to style and shape it the way you would your natural eyebrows. You can comb and use an eyebrow liner or pencil to enhance them. However, before this phase, here are some important things worth noting:

Wait for the hairs to regrow

The ultimate result from an eyebrow hair transplant won’t appear right away after the surgery. You may notice a layer of crust forming over the transplanted hair following the procedure, but this will clear up along with the swelling and redness.

Usually, the transplanted hairs will fall out a few weeks after the transplant, but new hairs will eventually grow back after some months. For about a few months or a year, the results you’ve been longing for will appear, revealing fuller, bushier brows that is real and permanent.

Taming the hairs

Although they’re both hairs, eyebrow hair is quite different from scalp hair. When your eyebrow hair transplant was taken from the back of your scalp to the brows, you’ll need to tame the transplanted hair into becoming an eyebrow hair.

The best hair transplant surgeon will pattern the hair transplant to how your natural eyebrows grow, as similar as possible. Then the rest is up to you. An eyebrow hair grows relatively shorter than the scalp hair, so you need to trim them to your preferred length. If you’re uncomfortable cutting them yourself, you can hire a professional to trim them with style. Carefully plucking any stray hair is also permissible.

If you’re seeking an eyebrow enhancement that can last a lifetime, then consider an eyebrow transplant as your option. The recovery period from the surgery is relatively quick with only a few days of down time, but you may need to avoid vigorous activities a few weeks after the procedure. Make sure to discuss your expectations with your surgeon. Ask for the risks and side effects, as well as the improvements you’ll be having following the procedure to help weigh your options.

How To Choose the Right Provider?

For the right candidates, an eyebrow transplant can result in natural-looking, bushy eyebrows. But, make sure to seek a reliable and credible hair transplant clinic for a safe and effective procedure. The outcome of your transplant significantly depends on the provider you’ll select.

The key to getting a good hair transplant provider is research. Choose a surgeon that specializes in hair restoration with several years of experience in the field. You can also read the patients’ reviews online to get more insights.

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